Project Overview

The US 90 St. Louis Bay Bridge between Bay St. Louis and Pass Christian, Mississippi, in Harrison and Jackson Counties consisted of twin 2.1-mile long bridge structures crossing St. Louis Bay. The project was a result of the devastation from Hurricane Katrina in September 2005.

A brief overview of both bridge structures find them founded with driven piles, a substructure of cast in place concrete footings, cast in place concrete columns, struts, pile caps, and superstructure of prestressed concrete girders, and cat in place concrete bridge deck.

D.T. Read Steel Co., Inc. was a subcontractor on the above-noted project purchasing reinforcement steel utilizing a joint check agreement and placement of reinforcing steel which was incidentally exclusively performed by our own in-house employees. The approximate total quantity of reinforcing steel supplied and placed by D.T. Read Steel Co., Inc. on this project was 6,952 tons. D.T. Read Steel Co., Inc. forces placed reinforcing steel on the following components on this project: miscellaneous drainage structures, soffit slab, decorative pylons, approach slab, seawall rebar, slope paving areas, pile caps, diaphragms, bridge decks, barrier railing, pier footings, pier caps, and columns.

While this project would present a labor challenge for most organizations, we were successfully able to adequately man all three projects simultaneously and finish on or ahead of time to meet critical project milestones.


Full respect for the environment was paramount with our employees assigned to this project. Full respect and compliance for environmental measures, and concerns pertained to our work on land, and over water. The Pallid Sturgeon was designated on the Federal Endangered Species List in 1990. D.T. Read Steel Co., Inc. employees utilized portable toilets provided by the General Contractor on the bridge in our work areas, and any trash generated by D.T. Read Steel Co., Inc. employees was responsibly placed in dumpsters whether on the land or water portions of our work area. Transportation to and from the above water work sites was provided by the General Contractor via crew boats.


Over the 45 year existence of D.T. Read Steel Co., Inc., and as so noted on this project, full compliance with applicable Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations is a prime objective. Consequently, our primary core customers are Federal, State, and Local agencies. All Environmental Protection Plans, Storm Water Prevention Plans, etc. were the distinct responsibilities of the General Contractor which we fully abided by and complied with.


It has always been the philosophy of D.T. Read Steel Co., Inc. to adequate staff this and all projects with competent, experienced supervisors, foremen, and iron workers to adequately handle this anticipated work loads and constraints of the overall project schedule. Experienced and competent employees also insures the quality of our work and favorable acceptance by the inspecting authority as to not hold up the forward progress of work by having to redo our work.


Fortunately on this project we did not experience any major problems that were as a direct result of our workmanship, project staffing, production, or supply of critical materials. Due to the fact of open communications with the General Contractor, and other subcontractors as well as participation in weekly meetings all major problems were able to be staved off ahead of time. As in the case of most construction projects, minor problems were encountered (i.e. minor weather incidents) and subsequently dealt with in an expeditious manner as not to impede the forward production on this project.

  • Owner: Mississippi Transportation Commission
  • Start Date Subcontract Work: June 6, 2006
  • Subcontract Duration: 17.5 Months
  • Subcontract Completion Date: November 18, 2007